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I am still waiting to hear anything back...

I emailed one of the rangers who has been working with me on this and he is suprised that it is taking as long as it has. He is going to inquire again on the subject tomorrow. I still don't know what exactly is being done but they are working on the process. As soon as I hear anything I will let you all know.

Park Ranger

I chatted with a ranger last weekend while picking up a back country permit in Saint Mary. I asked if he knew anything about the kiting progress and he said he would check. When he came back, he told me that kiting is a go now and I would need to talk to Law Enforcement to get a permit. The LE office is the road off to the left before the park entrance if you are coming in from the east side. He said he was unclear as to what the permitting process would be and that they are still working on it. I asked if he thought they would get to the point where there would be available at the visitor's center and he thought not. I did not have time to go into the LE office to verify this is all true and that this is also their understanding but a call to them might be worth while - certainly before attempting to kite.

Confusion up there

I talked with headquarters today. There are NO permits being issued yet. They seem a bit confused as to when it will begin. I tried to reach the Law Enforcement office at St. Marys directly but the switchboard runs interference & never got to talk to them, but it appears we have to wait some more....bottom line.

From my sources it sounds like they might be getting closer....

to a final decision. They are still discussing or deciding on some aspect of the proposal to allow kiteboarding. All I can ask is that all of you be patient. I still have a good feeling it will happen. Hopefully, it will be very soon.

I promise I will be making phone calls and posting the second...

that I hear anything either way on this subject. I would certianly hope I would be the first one contacted when this process is complete.

Any word yet?

Been quiet here for a while so I thought I'd check.

Got word today that the Head Ranger is still working on it...

Nothing yet despite all of his efforts. I am not still optimistic but they are slow.
A video for you pleasure. 2 Up and 1 Down with some crazy pro riders.

I am still optimistic. Sorry about the double negative in above


Kite/SnowKite Missoula???

Will be here in Missoula for around a year. Brought a couple kites.
A smaller stunt foil, and a Beamer 5m. Hoping to find a cheap board and try some snow kiting.

Where's a good spot to fly around Missoula? Like I'm having a hard time finding anywhere to fly.
Parks are packed with people, or trees. Hope to find somewhere just outside town to get some open wind.

PS: Sorry for posting here. I cannot seem to make a new topic because the Captcha link at the bottom hasn't been working for me.

Update from Head Ranger

The request to kiteboard still has one more major process and is still in "Compliance" Then it will be turned over to the head ranger and the superintendant for final approval. As this year has already passed for the most part I have requested that they give us an answer no later than next March/April. The head ranger has committed to that and we will know by summer of 2015 if our request is accepted or denied. I still feel confident that all is a go and I think they appreciate our willingness to keep off the lake this summer. I also want to thank you guys so that I don't look like a total A-hole to them. Keep it up and I promise we will know by next summer.

Anyone Around Anymore?

Why has the site gone so dead? Where'd everybody go? No one posting anymore?