Monday at Elwell

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Monday at Elwell

I'm planning to get out to kite at Lake Elwell (near the dam) on Monday. Is anyone planning to be there? Crazy wind in the forecast and potentially some rain in the later afternoon but I hope to get out there in the morning and enjoy that blow! :-D

Where are you located Loopy?

Where are you located Loopy? I'm in Great Falls and I'd meet up or tag along sometime. Did you go Monday? I wish I'd seen this in time...

This Saturday is looking a

This Saturday is looking a little better. If it improves some more I'd like to head up there.


yeah Elwell was great! I'm from Calgary but I'm down south in MT enough...better food :-)

check out some pics uploaded on a post here:

Tiber Monday 6/9?

Anyone available for Tiber on Monday 6/9?

Loopy - I think we're friends on Facebook. Chris Miller.

Misson or 4 horns on Monday 6/9

A few kiters from the flathead are heading to mission or 4 horns on 6/9 if you are interested in meeting us Chris.

Francis or Elwell This Weekend??

Forecast is looking good for both. Anyone else headed over?

A group of us are heading to

A group of us are heading to Tiber saturday morning and probably camping out. Not sure where yet. Airport, island rec, or bootlegger...