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Mullan or Local

My wife and I are fairly new to Bozeman's kite scene. We've done Island park area, Big Hole Pass and Haggin. We are looking to do something a little closer and are wondering about Mullan Pass. Has anybody been up there lately to give a report on surface conditions? Any other recommendations on quick kite sashays from Bozeman? Thanks for any info!


If you are referring to Mullan Pass near Helena...

99% of the time it is not worth your time. It is also the same distance away from Bozeman as IP is away from Bozeman. I would go to IP everytime. Unfortunately in Montana you have to drive 2 hrs to get to any of the good stuff. There used to be some state land east of Bozeman that guys would ride on but I am not sure of the status of that anymore as I am in Helena and not Bozeman anymore.

Thank you for the info. IP

Thank you for the info. IP was a good choice. I have not seen anyone East of Bozeman yet. I'll have to keep looking, but the winter season is coming to a close.

Does anyone else have any beta on in/close-to-town kite spots? Thanks.