Bozeman bunkhouse available

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Bozeman bunkhouse available

Bozeman-bound kiters, dirtbags, hippies and hairbags:

We have converted a portion of our artist studio into a kiter-friendly bunkhouse/ RV electrical hookups. We know from our years of kite trips, it can be difficult to find a warm friendly place to duck out of the elements, get some rest, maybe hook into some internet, and do so without breaking the bank. If you are looking to kite around the bozone or just passing through, feel free to drop us a line. It will be first come first serve for now and on lockbox so as to remain independent of our hedonism. The bunkroom is rustic in nature(without plumbing), separate from our home, yet close to the goods: 5 minutes to town, 5 minutes to Bridger Bowl and central to Bozeman kiting. Currently the room is furnished with a couple of single beds, couch and a few tables and chairs. We are not looking to get rich or pay our mortgage, so will be going with a tip-jar type arrangement for now to see how it plays out. Our hope is to simply help the kiters traveling through, pay for turning on the heat and/or electricity and share in some laughs.

The Oni's 406.586.5868

I wanna hang with the Oni's

Hows the little one. Is he snowkiting yet??