Ice Boating

How does 90 miles an hour sound?

 Iceboating on Canyon FerryCutting across and icy expanse on steel runners with the wind in your sails means exhilaration to those who have discovered Ice Boating. Visit our local ice boating paradise on Canyon Ferry Lake below the Silos and you will soon see the fascination.

Speed is not the only thrill. This is a sport which offers sailors the opportunity to enjoy the winter as well as the summer on the lake. All the skills of sailing fine boats come to play when you slip into the sleek hull of an ice boat. The perfect winds on Canyon Ferry Lake will take ice boaters anywhere they want to go. Zipping past frozen crystals on ice, over the glossy frozen wide open spaces can take your breath away.

Add the blue sky and sunshine to crisp winter air and you will quickly discover why the shores of the boat launch are filed with ice boaters when the lake is frozen. Join Montana Kite Sports to discover this thrilling sport.

On The Ice

Individual Lessons, Group Lessons, Private Lessons.
Full Group and Corporate Packages are Available.
All gear is supplied during lessons.
Boats and catering are available.

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