Thinkin' of you

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Thinkin' of you

As always - spring, summer, fall and especially winter - thinkin' of Keith.

Another Year Passed

Even more than usual, I've been missing you, Bro. Your entrance and exit days are always the worst. Like the year before, yesterday was awash in recollections of great times, stupidities, minor inconsequentialities that I now cherish as the true markers of our friendship-- stories not worth telling, like breakfast after a night of shooting pool or putting off a nose job at the shop to sit in the office and talk about nothing or walking the two blocks home from Middle School with our bass clarinets to sneak Zappa albums from your dad's collection. Your ability to make the boring shit not boring was what set you apart as my friend. It's the day to day inanity that I miss the most.

Wishing for more...

The Great Times

Today, especially, I was thinking of Keith and all the great times and wonderful memories.

I often wonder what we would be doing and the adventures we would have shared.

Like so many others have said: I miss Keith.

See ya out there,


We're with you missing

We're with you missing Keith.