Montana’s Record Snowfall - For Day, Storm, Month and Year!

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Montana’s Record Snowfall - For Day, Storm, Month and Year!

A lion of an April snowstorm has just departed Montana. With this three day dump record snowfall has blanketed Central Montana. Many locations received two feet of new snow with some spots getting hammered with three and four feet of heavy snowfall. St. Mary, MT, on the east side of Glacier National Park, got pasted with 60”!!!

With new records being set all over the state, I ventured north and got a taste of spring kiting on a massive ranch. In typical Montana fashion all it took was a simple knock on the door, a brief introduction and within a minute I had permission to kite on thousands of snow covered acres.

I picked a launch that allowed me to go directly up the fall line - downwind - perfect for smooth gliding. Atop Baldy Mountain I found elk tracks everywhere and spectacular views as well. I kited until sunset and then rolled up my 12m Manta2 and made turns for the 1500 vertical back to the truck.

It was another special session and a great way to finish off the last day of April.

See ya out there,